StepByStep Estimation
StepByStep Estimation
 1. Basic Estimation
  Profile of Your Site
  Referring to the Current Running Sites
  Analyze its Total Depth & Pages
 2. 1st Meeting Estimation
  We Suggest you Initially-Optimized Estimation on Firstly Required, then
  Go Through with you in Detail
  Follows Do & Don't on its Function(s)/Design(s)/Page(s) Etc.
 3. 2nd Meeting Estimation
  Focused on your Customized Environment of Hosting, Content Service &
  Site Capacity per Visitor(s), Etc
 4. Final Estimation
  Commune together Overall Making Process & its Reasonable(=Acceptable) Cost
  Site Production/Maintenance(if necessary) Contract Attached
  Lastly, We Make its Site Production Followed by a Written Contact

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